Skyrim: Dragonborn - Unique Armor: Visage of Mzund

The unique Dwarven Helmet, Visage of Mzund, in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

The helmet can be found within the final chamber of the Dwarven ruin Fahlbtharz.

Fahlbtharz puzzle solution: 5:30

It increases your Stamina by 60 points and allows the wearer to release the Breath of Nchuak, a powerful steam attack (NOTE: The helmet must be equipped in order for you to use the ability).

Armor effect demonstration: 10:30

The armor may be upgraded using a Dwarven Metal Ingots at a Workbench. The perk Dwarven Smithing doubles the improvement.

Locations to all the Kagrumez Resonance Gems:
  • Bob Sponge

    I love the way blood came out of the dwarven machines

  • James Malcolm

    I've seen good Skyrim players but you are... out standing

  • tommy karl

    The helmet Is unique and all, But It's pretty useless.

  • The False Prophet

    Get an enhanced dwarven crossbow and alot of dwarven bolts. Get a dwarven sword. Wear a full set of dwarven armor with this helmet. Get a grand soul gem with a grand soul. Get a Centurian Dynamo core. Drop everything that I didn't say. Feel like a centurian.

  • Joseph Papa Stalin

    i just want to say that the first buttons i randomly pressed corectly before watching this.I fell special now.


    It's actually a sword called Miraak's Sword.


    Yeah I remember sometimes I had that issue. I don't remember how I got past it but I think you can try shooting an arrow at the resonator at 7:30 while standing on one of the gears.


    It's really great. The main story is actually quite short but the dungeons and loot are awesome.


    It's definitely awesome though I can't say if its better or not until I've finished exploring, looting, etc. They implied on their blog that there would be more. I'm guessing the next major DLC will be the last though :(


    Nah, it's just that I load older saves to make the video so I don't need to loot. It makes the tutorials shorter too.


    You'll especially like it if you've played Morrwind's Bloodmoon. So much nostalgia.


    Yes, but my gauntlets (Ancient Shrouded Gloves) adds x2. That combined with the perk = x30. Basically kills almost everything in 1 hit.


    It's actually from the base game. It can be obtained at the conclusion of the Dark Brotherhood side quest "Locate the Assassin of Old". The quest is given by Olava the Feeble and can only be accepted if you meet the bonus requirement of Breaching Security.


    I'll explain in my next video :)


    Yeah. I'm kinda sad they barely add new unique daggers in any DLC. No dagger love from Bethesda. It's like PS3 to them :\

  • Kanzu

    beware! i am the mighty dovahkiin the taker of dragon souls the rider of dragons! the breather of steam! and the guys who uses dragon souls as drugs! :D

  • AntiSkillshot

    Imo, Dragonborn was better than Dawnguard. Also, that puzzle in this quest was a bitch.

  • TheDezembro

    I see you like venture alone aswell, i thought i was the only one :o

  • GIN0MAN5432

    the steam attack is really weak but the stamina boost makes it worth wearing

  • Horrid_

    this fucking layout is so bad.

  • TroopperFoFo

    Hopefully we get to fight the Thalmor.

  • Perry D

    i've said this about many things in skyrim, but i need to remember where i put that...

  • Jordan T

    I miss skyrim :( no dlc for ps3 so got bored may have to get a gaming pc.

  • Unejin Makimura

    It's just me or the Dwarven Ballista Master have blood? ._.

  • Austen Andrews

    that was a lot of work for a helmet

  • Cole Jenkins

    Good for raping enemy's with if you catch my drift.....pwning them.....what did you think I meant? XD

  • Cole Jenkins

    Yeah, Apocrypha probably isn't a place you should sleep in...

  • Zerg Vining

    Uhh... I guess I'm supposed to reply; "Hahaha." so LOL

  • Zerg Vining

    Quite a tentacley sword you've got there.

  • LaughingOwlKiller

    Dragonborn on ps3 tuesday the 12th followed by hearthfire the next tuesday then dawnguard the next all 50% off the first week

  • Grandaddy J

    I wonder if theres a mod that adds the lost races. Like ayelid, snow elf, dwemer, etc.

  • Jimmy Joe Johnson III

    didn't I kill you in Apochrypha?

  • Mike Truong

    What mask is that? Or are you a orc? lol

  • Teriyaki Sauce

    That is not a dagger you freakin dumbass wth man u never played the game

  • SonTyp OhneNamen

    Without mods, i´d assume not, but i don´t know for sure.

  • shultman37

    THATS an amazing weapong you use in your right hand. What is that?

  • Peter

    Why is there always a blood splatter everytime you hit a dwarven machine enemy.

  • BlackFrost

    ICEnJam, your videos are inspired by Orchidea Fallout guides?

  • TheTanDoctor

    5:20 What's up with your face?

  • Nicholas Mahoney

    I'm always a little disappointed when I find unique items that aren't really unique, like Bloodthorn is just a steel dagger with soul trap. The only thing unique about it is the name, same with bloodsythe and soulrender in this dlc. I guess it doesn't apply to this so much because the visage of mzund gives you an awesome ability, but it still bothers me slightly that its just a dwarven helmet. It just seems a little lazy on the developers part, no offense to Bethesda. I love them.

  • Mike Willan

    Dragonbone bow, they added Dragonbone weapons to the Dragonborn DLC, and I'm pretty sure they make Dragonplate armor stronger than Daedric in it as well.

  • Mike Willan

    Its not his weapon, its a perk...

  • Spino and Microbrine Productions

    rieklings scare me they are so small the make you wiggle ugh

  • Dusty Shane

    I just now played through this ruin, but the Kagrumez resonance gem wasn't there for me, Do I need the quest first? or should I just reload the save when I first entered the room?

  • Dusty Shane

    I know what you mean, you mean the way they look? Their stats are great, but like you said, the 2 scimitars looks retarded for how powerful they are, not to mention it come with a unique set of Stahlrim armor, which doesn't match.

  • Dusty Shane

    Nvm, I'm retarded. when I got the helmet, I was so excited to use the steam attack and I blew the gem off the table.

  • BluePwnsU

    Am i the only one who hates Dwemer Ruins?

  • Virtual Cancer

    i whant to buy this dlc i allready have enough anchievements but i cant create a fuckin account on xboxlive

  • Simon Mino

    miraak's sword reminds me of soul edge.. from soulcalibur

  • Simon Mino

    1:23 machine bleeding!

  • Simon Mino

    are you a vampire ? and if so how does your stamina regenerate so fast

  • Simon Mino

    change title to unique helmet ? i really thought there will be a armor set

  • Bruce Wayne

    pretty fuckin' kickass like your profile picture

  • devilsdante

    you probably can reach miraaks corpse again if you read the book..

  • funtagekill1e

    did you know i turned your dragon to be my friend :D and he burned you :D

  • Arv62

    Would you guys say that this is the best DLC so far? And also are they going to release any more DLC's after this?

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