Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 22*** 1080p 60FPS (5 Years Of Skyrim)

Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 22***

Please note: I stopped the Oblivion 2016 lets play series for now because I am still not statisfied with the current looks and LOD popup of my Oblivion setup, and am going to create a new series with Mod Organizer soon where I hope to fix this. Sorry for you guys who are waiting for the new parts, but the serie has not stopped! Promised! ^^

In this new lets play series of Skyrim 2016 I will honor Skyrim because on 11-11-2016 the game will be 5 years old! In this lets play serie, I have put the Skyrim engine to the test with 400+ mods!

My website: http://www.predcaliber.com
The Guides:
  • TheHermit

    I'm glad you've removed the ELFX enhancer. Interiors were stupidly dark for playthrough intended for YouTube. It put me off watching some of your episodes a bit because they were all in dark caves or other interiors.

  • screnciful

    Great stuff when are you going to make a new oblivion tutorial

  • Rychardo

    the envieroment and the lights are pretty realistic but am i wrong or u arent using many mods on ur own character coz those hands looked kinda low textured compared to all the rest

  • corza bourne

    i always have a quick look through these and every single episode i quickly browse through, its always dark or in a dungeon. guess thats why its always quick

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