Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 2*** 1080p 60FPS (5 Years Of Skyrim)

Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 2***

Please note: I stopped the Oblivion 2016 lets play series for now because I am still not statisfied with the current looks and LOD popup of my Oblivion setup, and am going to create a new series with Mod Organizer soon where I hope to fix this. Sorry for you guys who are waiting for the new parts, but the serie has not stopped! Promised! ^^

In this new lets play series of Skyrim 2016 I will honor Skyrim because on 11-11-2016 the game will be 5 years old! In this lets play serie, I have put the Skyrim engine to the test with 400+ mods!

My website: http://www.predcaliber.com
The Guides:
  • TheLordSascha

    a little tipp (not sure if you know): if you press "Q" to open your favourite weapons/magic, you can go over them with the mouse and press a number to make a shortcut^^ It makes the game more flowing if you can switch by numbers :)

  • Sasquatchy!

    its unrealistic you would be able to plow through a Dwemer ruin at level 1, but at least you did not go with a Requiem playthrough - this might have ended in tears.

  • Major Ruin

    What I like about this play-through is its not a perfect gamer it's kind of like watching myself 😂. Despite playing skyrim from release and oblivion beforehand I still look so amateurish when people watch me play.The game looks amazing though who needs se when you can play the original looking like this. I am getting a new gaming pc soon since my laptop is old and geriatric these days not surprising since its 8 years old. I got se for Xbox which was fun with the mods but I am going continue on the pc. How much did your rig cost to build?

  • DasRusse

    I wonder what your pc specs are like

  • Jaye Concord

    A couple of things I would like to suggest, just my personal opinion:1) Food can be a good last resort when you have no health potions left, so it helps to carry some (A lot of food items are really light, which helps with the carry weight system :) )2) I know some people may consider this cheating, but for immersion purposes, when using an alternative starting mod and starting the game as a mage/warrior etc, I tend to use console commands to level up the respective skills a bit. This is simply due to it not making much sense starting out with no skills, yet you somehow got into a dungeon/camp filled with high levelled opponents. Don't go crazy, as that would be cheating (I like to play as a stealthy character a lot, so I would level up Sneak to 20-25 as a starting point).

  • Catalin Bratescu

    Very good video , keep the good job , but i have the same problem as u , i think is to damn dark in dungeons ? what shoul i do ? i found a mod on nexus portable lanterns ? what u think ?

  • TheLordSascha

    "well at least I can take the falmers on pretty easily..." some minutes later "oh he got me" xD

  • Daaz

    Was it the modlist from your website ?

  • jonas jonas

    400+ mods and no perk overhaul? have fun playing as a mage^^

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