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  • Cloud Gaming and Dubstep

    you didn't show it on the map like you said

  • 75403765052957

    the artonach forge is op. you can get a random enchanted daedric piece of armor with1 Daedra Heart1 Ebony Ingot1 Void Salt (fine or regular)1 Soul Gem (greater soul)

  • Turkey General

    "when I get there I'll show you where it is on the map"...doesn't show you where it is on the map ¬¬

  • Kendrick Nikornpan

    what sword does he have?

  • The Elven Dagger

    lol he should've banished him to oblivion.

  • Venator Mors

    Can I get the rings? I kinda like the rings.... trys to take rings I didnt want the rings anyways xD

  • Micah Butler

    Where is it located!!!!!

  • Aiden Heyne

    yeah through the atonach forge u can also make dadric armor and tools

  • Seier krigføring

    so many jumps in the vidoe I get lost after a minute

  • KaldDodeGitarist

    You can make daedric weapons with the atronach forge. You need daedra hearts, ebony weapons, dwarven spheres, and some kind of orb you get from summoning a daedra. I can't remember what the orb is called.

  • Mike Taco

    What difficulty do you play on?

  • Thexenowolf

    3:37 omg.....i was eating soup when he said then.....ugh ima throw up

  • Purna Khatiwada

    What pack does the teleport spell from? Or is it separate, I want all the spells u have been looking for them for some times but I don't get respond.:(


    2017 is lit if you guys can read this in the past somehow and sam has 358k

  • Idk

    where did he get the bridge spell? 

  • VinnyVangoh 17

    this quest was a huge let down. once I summoned the pirate deadra I didn't have the drive to look for the treasure. I stumbled upon by accident and the prize was shit.

  • The Elven Dagger

    Yngol barrow might be that island.

  • Alex Becker

    Ok I did this on level 35 and I managed to kill the vampires with out having to restore my health. In away that was kind of cheating in this video

  • Alex Becker

    Dremoras freak the shit out of me there talking sounds horrible

  • samuel vega

    find out about the forge underneath the college of winterhold

  • Will van Sprang

    Where did you get the bridge spell?

  • Reggiegue83

    Where did you get the floating bridge and teleportation mods

  • RightWingKing

    What do I do if I lost them lol I'm on pc so any console commands or mods to get them back?

  • Ricardo Arias

    I would have fought him. My level 97 would have kicked his ass.

  • Joao Neto

    Where did you got those spells?

  • Ryan Hayward

    Hey Sam, what is the music at 18:40?? I know I've heard it before, but can't place it..

  • Anthony Romero

    Wut armor r u wearing?

  • CokeVoAYCE -

    im there but it didn't conjure/appear there.. wtf?

  • Random FatKid

    Sam you should do a Q&A!!!!!!

  • ladyyuna2000

    I don't see any god damn treasure so I said fuck it and kill bad guys and loot them to get my gold

  • Jared Hartz


  • fryingscotsmanful

    that sword is cool mod?

  • Eric spitz

    you forgot to show the map

  • ehHaggis

    thanks for the video sam help me alot and it was funny as well :D

  • Kecoroe

    meh not worth it. I'll banish him XD

  • Kyle Monroy

    were did u get the sword

  • tristan vega

    You can search the hand and you'll find, we'll for me maybe different for u a ancient bird sword and bone meal

  • tristan vega

    It has a log with a skeleton hand in it

  • tristan vega

    Hey I found an arson place that is north east of shots stone and east of shots watchtower

  • izzie soto

    Please do some stuff with the forge please

  • Franko Bolero

    where did you find that sword ?

  • RoskoNation

    Are you gonna do interesting places

  • The Fancy Taco

    Ah, thanks for the reply.

  • unclejalepino

    Do. The a Atronach forge video

  • O'Desete

    Do something with the atronach forge.

  • General Sam

    i'll put the artist in the video description. he hooked me up with some custom tunes and instrumentals.

  • GhostDoG8550

    why is all the music you put in your videos so freaking cool?

  • General Sam

    actually, it's not a re-upload, i just happened to record it before i made this channel and hadn't edited it yet.

  • ThePrivateJ

    Aidian you fucking idiot its a re upload, stfu.

  • THATboycalledDREW

    btw if you havent cleared it out yet Harmugstahl would make a great interesting places vid

  • THATboycalledDREW

    Could you do a vid or maybe even a little series on character archetypes and perk usage? it would be cool to see the perks you use for your character after watching you run around fucking shit up like a spellsword

  • The Fancy Taco

    Sam, what is the mod you use that changes the items and magic menus?

  • ibanezadam

    itd be cool if you did the atronach forge thing

  • dirtydogdisco01

    I think if you use a raise undead spell other than undead thrall on Velehk sain, he will not turn to ash. Good way to beat the shit out of him.

  • Aidan H.

    You said General Sam 122... :I

  • Branden Fortes

    Is teleport a mid spell


    It sounds just the fucking same mate. Enchanted?

  • Chris Briarr

    Yo Sam you deserve more subs

  • John Bartel

    I was literally going to send this to you tonight.

  • Kelston Sergeant

    do the thingy. DO THE THINGY.

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