14 Greatest Skyrim Secrets That Will Make You Wanna Replay It Immediately

Skyrim is a massive open world, with so many tiny details that you may never discover them all. With the recent release of Skyrim Special Edition, there are still plenty of secrets to jump in and find. Here are the 14 greatest Skyrim secrets that will make you wanna replay it immediately.

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  • Albert Suriñach

    I have never replayed skyrim... Because I never left, noobs

  • fukqyou asszhole

    Wait a minute you mean to tell me if you look at the map close enough and there is a dragon breathing fire you can see the map glow if you zoom in! Marked tusks, ants, and a book with no writing as well! You sold me!

  • Mr. King

    The doors are meant to keep drauger in, but ignore the 73 drauger you killed on your way to the door....

  • Thomas De Pauw

    Whaaaaaaaat? Ulfr the Blind's book is actually empty?!! That's it, I'm going back in!....

  • Hi, Neighbor!

    Gonna start a new playthrough for the ants

  • connorross1

    Ants? So this game actually was full of bugs

  • Jacques Cordes

    Shit !! Ants?!? Serious? Ok. I play another 200hrs !😂

  • Joltario

    After 6 years I'm still playing this game and I've bought it 4 different times. I fucking love it. ❤️❤️❤️

  • bradhuygens

    So the fact that there are ants if I look closely is gonna make me want to replay Skyrim IMMEDIATELY?

  • Shantana Killingbeck

    ... "replay" e.e when did I stop?

  • Schmidty030

    WOAH the savngaurd sky is the same as the level screen sky?!?!?!?! Holy shit grandpa elder, I have to replay the game just for that!

  • dawn mathieson

    Its the nothern lights you see from myth and science.

  • Grim Revan

    Yet nobody can explain who keeps all those torches lit in caves sealed for centuries. lol

  • Artem Pavlov

    Also when u are taking dragons soul u can see that on the map

  • Jack McCarthy

    Did you know if you go into items and find the claw in your inventory and flip it around the answer to the puzzle is on the front. Found it out myself

  • Rune

    The skill menu's sky and the sky in Sovngarde are the same because they are the same sky.

  • Jon S

    I dream of one day seeing a video where I haven't seen everything listed.

  • Daniel S

    To save you guys 7 minutes, they're the same secrets we've been hearing about for 5 years.

  • wildman510

    the tallest mountain in sky rim is throat of the world dumdum

  • Shingo Shoji

    The only one that took me by surpise was the hidden bosses. I'd discovered the dragon and my friend told me about Karstaag. But I've never heard of or seen the reaper

  • Wiikling

    I already knew all of this. I know so much about it that I ruined it for myself. I have every unique weapon, have done every guild quest, completed all dlc content, bought every home, made potions, explored, collected every daedric artifact, all unique armor, completed the story, unlocked every shout, and collected every dragon priest mask. The game is just so boring once you have everything. I effectively ruined my favorite game, and I regret it.

  • Ganon The Grey967 Dorf

    I used unrelnting force on dawnbreaker before I killed the mage on it fell out of the slab and after I killed the mage I grabbed the one on the ground and the slab giving me 2 dawnbreakers

  • Artrysa

    The headless horseman is a badass looking knight. Ragnar was a dude bragging who got his ass handed to him by the first person to take offence. They are definitely not the same person. Do you know how many people lose heads in Skyrim?

  • no one you know

    4:19 not just the dragon born... Miraak, draugar, ebony warrior, etc

  • GMan45 !!!!!

    I knew most of these because my playtime is about maybe 7 weeks i get home from school then play skyrim all day im a skyrim and fallout nerd lol 🤓

  • riteasrain

    04:29 Sovngarde not Sovangarde.

  • Rosen Kostov

    Great. Now I'll have to scour Skyrim and see who I sold that reaper gem fragment to.

  • Lyle Greig

    You mean the 14 secrets everyone already knew

  • Grey Walker

    Elephants have ebony protrusions? Lol, don't you mean ivory.

  • Dork Magic

    These are secrets? Ahahaha ahahaha ahahaha, get out

  • Chaos Curez

    All you have to do is mention Skyrim and I already want to play it again.

  • Fabien Dussere

    Notched pickaxe is a reference to first climber of mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, like the throat of the world is the highest mountain in all of Tamriel. It would have been Notch's pickaxe otherwise...

  • SlackMartin

    Saw the video, sees things I saw 5 years ago. Don't wanna Replay it.

  • JJ Hafford

    If you speak to Gabriella before the quest to kill Victoria at her wedding, she'll tell you that she left you some potions and an enchanted bow at the location.

  • MatthieuAmherst

    It's not so much finding a reason it's the moral dropping game freeze after playing for 2 hours

  • Milenos

    Clear sky always was my favorite shout.

  • Stewart Michaud

    everyone says the notched pickaxe is a minecraft reference but to notch means make notches which means to make marks or engrave something and if you look on the handle of the notched pickaxe close enough there are marks. meaning it is not a reference to minecraft but just a marked pickaxe.

  • BurkeyyyBoy

    I’m disappointed in myself for knowing every single one of those facts. I. AM. A. Nerd

  • Edward Elric

    This actually does make me want to play Skyrim again

  • Evan Ireland

    At one point it sounded like he said "DragonPorn DLC😂😂

  • Azooz Hasan

    #13, i saw that man without head riding the horse... i tried to kill him but he NEVER dies...

  • Jules S

    Did you know there are dragons in skyrim?

  • Limpowitch

    Fantastic information! Not some horrible clickbait. That was worth my like and favorite-mark.

  • Weedle

    Dude this list is shit.. yea gonna go replay again right away because of an empty book!!

  • Ustri Wijayati

    I once ever see the Map detail on shearpoint, when i try zoom in i saw something like ice or crystaly white thing near it, i was on my way there then i see some lost mammoth herds fighting the Frost Dragon that shouts the ice form Shouts

  • Christopher Hall

    i don't feel all that inspired, not to mention the fact that you don't know the difference between ivory and ebony, and that winterhold is a city that the college is located in

  • Kirasaji Nokamura

    White, ebony tusks... I think you mean, Ivory?

  • Daniel Cazanescu

    I paused, read comms, and I traded thous 7 mins to lolabout and find that1. Notched pickaxe is not a reference to minecraft2. Ivory and ebony are one thing3. That I know about all this secrets already4. Ants wont make you replay skyrimI still visit nexus mods for skyrim and I got a hell of a good skyrim with my own secrets

  • Frydroponics

    A reason to replay the game is that there's ants.... okay bud

  • wisnu zainesta

    My fav RPG pc games, soo much quest and mods to do especially the women's mod 😙

  • Lynx

    I personally don't think the Headless Horseman is Ragnar. That's just my opinion.

  • Kou Izumi

    "Replay"?! I never STOPPED!!!

  • Levizar 1441

    Use a horse!!!!!!!Like who went to the college of winterhold to learn spells.

  • Francesco Spuntarelli

    Mmhhhh thx I won't play it again... try with a better game Bethesda. ... and not a bad coy of oblivion .... a bad copy of what was before

  • Searchmeister

    Glitches that prevented me from my Platinum was why I stopped.

  • Kb Productionz

    I still havent beat it soooo im on level 7 lmao

  • Life,exe

    Video) hidden potions in solitudeMe) HA not going back there! Im part of the dark brotherhood... My bountys quite high............

  • D E N V R

    You forgot about the water dragons in the forgotten vale🐉🌊

  • Cory Baxter

    10 Clickbait titles that will make you watch this video IMMEDIATELY!

  • Themaxwellminer

    You know the drums at the start of the theme? It is the heart of Lorkhan still beating.

  • TomIsDom

    I think this dude never played Skyrim

  • - -

    False ad. Does not make me want to replay Skyrim. But you know what? Skyrim reminds me of bethesda and I'm reminded of how shitty bethesda is, which makes me want to play a game by obsidian. This makes me want to play Fallout: New Vegas. Jk Skyrim wasn't that bad but TesIV: Oblivion was better.

  • CJ Chaump

    Being able to shout at a fish is the only reason I bought Skyrim SE

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