Skyrim: 5 Spooky Theories Crazy Enough to be True - The Elder Scrolls 5 Lore

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game loaded with a plethora of content and stories to uncover. However, in a world like Skyrim that's so huge, there's bound to be a few things that just don't add up. So put on your tinfoil hats, and relax as we take a look at 5 Skyrim Theories.

Roshank's Video:

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  • pixelshock

    Maybe it was Miraak who was supposed to wear Konahrik?

  • Ashbee Gaming

    You should cover Rorikstead! Definitely a spooky theory going on there

  • Jack Plays Folk

    I think Alduin came to Helgen for the mead with juniper berries

  • Dynamic Bucket

    The reason Skyrim's intro is so memorable is because you have to suffer through it every time you want to start over...

  • Benjamin Blank

    Saadia was the one who was actually lying. If you hand her over to the Redguards, and if you walk around outside for a decent amount of time rather than fast traveling everywhere. Within a weeks time, a small group of Thalmor soldiers will ambush you and attack you. In their note, they say that you have severely impeded on their power. And they have been tasked to eliminate you before you cause more damage.This always happens after I have handed Saadia over to the Redguards. She was the Thalmor spy, not the Redguards. No Thalmor attack you if you kill the Redguards.

  • 47most SOON

    I expected you to discuss why Alduin was easier to defeat than all theLegendary dragons!

  • Guitar Nerd

    Personally, I think Alduin attacking Helgen was for a much more mundane reason. If you remember, Alduin was not actually banished, merely pushed forward in time, and the time where he was pushed just so happened to be 4E 201. Being understandably angry, he attacks the nearest town to him, which just so happens to be Helgen. So, Alduin being pushed forward in time, to him attacking Helgen, that was only 5 minutes ago by his perspective.

  • Feuerstaub

    Maiq The Liar is Lorkhan.

  • Eric Lutzow

    "in my time of need" is actually a quest you are meant to figure out based on background lore and logic. hammerfell hates the thalmor, and alik'r hates them more so than anyone else in the world, yes nords even you. so the alik'r would never work for the thalmor. Taneth would never be angry that someone spoke out against the thalmor, as literally everyone in the city speaks out against them. also the thalmor wouldn't hire that sort of thing out, they'd just take care of it themselves. why trust some mercs to do it, when their agents are in the area anyway.

  • Violent Beetle

    It is most likely Alduin simply didn't know who Dragonborn is. Sensed him in Helgen, but didn't know if he's a prisoner, a citizen or a soldier.

  • Daniel Mason

    Saadia was lying. Why on earth would you run from Hammerfel, a nation that is at war with the Thalmor, to a nation that is essentially controlled by the Thalmor. Also, considering the zeal of Thalmor Justiciar in skyrim, it is unlikely for the Thalmor to hire mercenaries to kill someone, especially someone important. Not to mention the mercenaries they supposedly hired were redguards who weren't even trusted to enter whiterun. Even if the Thalmor did this, they would be clever enough to hire some Nords.(considering I have been attacked by steel plated thugs in whiterun multiple times, yet the guards keep letting them at me)

  • tyrant778 -

    Guess you could say maven’s feud was “water under the bridge”!

  • Logan Newman

    Well if Saadia spoke out against the dominion she would be praised because hammerfell wasn't even under the control of the elves to begin with so it would be impossible to really speak out against them.

  • Sir white a lot the pagan preacher

    You forgot to mention that within maven blackbriars basement, there is a black sacrament.

  • Alejandro Torres

    I don't know if anyone will see this comment, or care really, but I just restarted the game on Skyrim, and I killed the first dragon, and I believe he said "Dovahkiin, Nooooooo" I have subtitles on and I didn't expect a dragon to say anything if he really did, and it caught me by surprise, if it was real, I'm thinking it does have to do with the dragonborn supposed to be helping the dragons... That or the dragon was sad that the dragonborn killed him and his soul belonged to me, either way, it was still pretty cool

  • Casey Bledsoe

    I always like to think that the character you play in each game is the reincarnation of the one you played in the previous game.

  • Dialask Isel

    We all know that number 1 is wrong. Clearly, being sent forward in time, Alduin believed he'd be able to go and see the new and wonderous creation of the 7 11. So, wandering, he searched high and low for it... until he realized he had not yet been sent far enough in the future. Lost and grumpy, he decided to eat Helgen to satiate his rage and thrist for cheap oversized drinks.

  • Manu E Bebe

    I always give Saadia to the Warriors. I don't trust women easily....

  • Paige C

    My personal theory is that Alduin attacked Helgen to save you, because he was so cocky and overconfident he was sure that he would win your battle and wanted that glory. Letting you die at the hand of an executioner wouldn't make for a great tale after all. But eventually his hubris is his downfall. I like this theory because it shows Alduin as the overconfident character he is, being so sure his plan would succeed he is ultimately his own downfall, not only saving the life of the person who would eventually defeat him, but in fact setting into motion the chain of events that would result in his defeat.

  • Flynn Smith

    Im SHOR we'll find him soon

  • headhunter 9865

    How so you say that Konharik is the only mask you get without killing a dragon priest you have to kill eight priests

  • huverdoose

    Question: what is it about Christophe that makes his bones lighter than water?

  • Nablaal Servant of Nurgle

    Alduin was feeding off the souls the Civil War sent to Sovngarde, I believe he attacked in order to allow Ulfric to escape, thus perpetuating the war and allowing his feast to continue.

  • zGlitchist

    4:15 ok I don't know if it is a mod for retexture, but that "Redguard" looks more like a Redguard imposter

  • Shaayan periss

    I feel kematu and the hammerfell warriors are right because the Thalmor lost the war with hammerfell and thus it is independant, they have no jurisdiction there, she has no reason to run away for speaking out against the thalmor

  • They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant

    There is no one named Ysmir. Ysmir is a Title Given by the Nords. "Dragon of the North" Or "Shor's Avatar". The Last DB, Talos,Wulfharth, and Bad Ass Elf Hunter Pelinal were Named Ysmir.

  • crimson lord

    Maybe that nameless/maskless dragon priest in dragonborn dlc was the owner of konahrik

  • Norcal Bowhunter

    The whole Akatosh prayer theory reminds me of the gods from D&D. As in, when someone prayed to them, depending on what "level" of god they were, their attention would be brought to that area, for some only a few miles, for others 10+ miles. They would know everything that was going on because of it. Perhaps the gods of Skyrim act the same, and thus by praying to Akatosh his attention was drawn and he knew of what was going on. So he saw you, the dragonborn, was going to be executed and sent something to help you out of the situation because he knew the part you played on a larger role.Also the whole Saadia theory can be debunked with the simple fact, that it is not uncommon for people to bury empty coffins when they think someone has died. In our world, often people go missing and no body is found. So after a certain amount of time people will declare them dead and bury an empty coffin to symbolize that person being put to rest. You could say that Saadia went missing and someone in White Run was close to her, after a while figured her for dead, and had the urn placed with her belongings left behind, as a memorial to her.

  • gosuckacat

    1:56 I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the Achilles heel and died.

  • Thorren

    Why are your redguards white? I noticed Saadia and your Alik'r Warrior's white

  • precure blossom

    k but redguards dont look like that lol

  • MOBI

    “BY THE GODS, A DRAGON!”“SENTRIES, WHAT DO YOU SEE?” bruh, what do you think they see

  • Avatar of Madness

    I'm pretty sure that the reason Shor wasn't there was because he was killed during the Dawn Era by Auri-el and Trinimac, his Heart torn out, only to be fired into the sea, where Red Mountain and the island of Vvardenfell grew around it, and his body being ripped in half, becoming the two moons of Masser and Secunda, but momentarily reforming when the two moons eclipse. That makes him sound pretty dead to me.

  • Kevin

    Are you Shor about these theories?

  • Vladarius

    then if we are the avatar of shor then it can explain that when we die we go back in time

  • Thespartanll

    The dragon born is technically part of akatosh so that might be why Alduin came to Helgen because of the link between alduin,the Dragonborn and akatosh.

  • Filip Petrovic

    If you kill Sadia in front of Kamatu he will respond "No now all the work is for nothing" and will not react hostile but just walk off. If they had to kill her they wouldn't mind what you did. Also Sadia's story about speaking out against the Thalmor is a lie as Hammerfall is not under Thalmor control but is still fighting with them as the Alakir tell you and if you look deeper into it you would find out for your self. So Sadia is the one who is lyingEdit: Ps. Also lorevise the Alakir are just the warriors of hammerfell and she is saying they are assassins witch they are not so yeah

  • Ulysses

    My theory about Helgan is that Alduin sensed that the dragonborn was present and he was about to be executed. I believe that in Alduins quest to rule over Skyrim he wanted a challenge and saved the dragonborn from execution. When he lands on the guard tower he looks right at you. Don’t you think if he wanted to kill you he would’ve shouted at you? When you go and watch him resurrect a dragon he didn’t kill you. Alduin didn’t want to kill the dragonborn until his strength was full. This is what makes the most sense to me.

  • Scarlet Foxxie

    I think we all know alduin attacked helgen knowing that the dragonborn was there because if you stay outside long enough while he is attack he's yelling "dovahkiin"

  • Ye Boi

    I always was thinking...... who was the real contract of Dark Brotherhood when she makes u to kill one??????

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    I read a book that all of the 8 dragon priests regularly held council at the labyrinthian. So I don't think that collecting the masks was a challenge set by the dragons. I think the dragon priests simply displayed their masks on the altar during the council presided by the unknown konahriik.

  • øyvind vego

    legend says that all guards once were adventurers, until they all took an arrow to the knee

  • Henry McElroy

    When i became thane of Whiterun, Nazeem kept pissing me off so i hit him with a fury spell. The guards took care of him and i just paid off my 40 spetim bounty.

  • samuel rivera

    OR...or did they return saadias remain to whiterun after she was judged in hammerfell?! she wouldnt be buried in hammerfell if she sold them out!

  • Jer Berus

    You bring up a good point. There are both 8 dragon priests and 8 divines. There might be something to this. I could also speculate that Talos is the 9th divine, and perhaps you, the last/most recent dragon-born, were supposed to be the 9th dragon priest? Ah, we had the same idea...I finished watching the rest of your theory.

  • Julian KHACHAN


  • ltshep

    Dragon Priests: Oh, great Alduin. Who is this new tusked priest mask made for? We know not of this other high priest of yours. Alduin: Oh, that’s just for whoever manages to kill all of you and collect your masks, bringing them together to Labyrinthian.Dragon Priests: ... No, but really. Who’s it for?

  • TheLordOfMadnes

    What if Alduin turned up because he sensed a Dragon and went to investigate, but what he thought was a dragon, was actually the Dragonborn

  • Damiano

    I like how both the redgaurds and Sadia say the other is with the thalmorNobody likes the thalmor

  • Little Rosie Boy

    I encountered a dragon priest at that same location,but I just took the word and ran away 😂

  • Yatagaru Crow

    so my blizzard lizard wizard is a reincarnation of shor? nice!

  • Vanilla Gorilla Animations

    why you make all the redguard NPC's white?

  • Twilight Spire

    If you kill Saadia in front of him he says “oh well, we didn’t even have to kill her.”

  • TheCreeperwars

    Adding to No. 2:Maven also is known to work with the dark brotherhoodWhich would confirm the "sending a person to kill him" ^^Nice video once again !

  • Bible Man

    So the final battle is between Auriel and Lorkhan?? :/

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I like the first theory of Lokir's Prayer being Answered by Alduin

  • Yulia S

    A theory that Lokir is Lorkhan helping the player survive a few more seconds.

  • Heavens Demons

    Alduin literally calls out Dovakin as he’s burning Helgin. He new he was there and tried to kill him.

  • Young Frankenstein

    Under Dragon's Bridge? You missed by half a map, homie.

  • Patryk Rogala

    4:51 Saadia's burial urine, you say? Never change, Nate.

  • Hudson Beal

    I always assumed alduin sensed the dragon soul in the Dragonborn and thought it was another dragon


    Cant get over this guy's, "murder them to death" lol as if murder doesn't imply them dying...

  • Welshy

    I’m loving these Skyrim videos

  • German Player

    Nr. 1 is already solved by the main quest

  • chance diabo

    If you actually read the books in game it tells you why Alduin showed up. It’s because Alduin wants to fuel the civil war by keeping the storm cloak leader alive, who is sitting next to you on the carriage ride. By keeping the civil war going the folk of Skyrim might be less inclined to search about why dragons are suddenly attacking.

  • TrophPlayz

    my serial killer orc named Shrek is part of shor? wow.

  • Subtotal Aljar

    Just an idea but Alduin could have been there to save Ulfric just so the civil war could continue and proceed to divide the nation so as to not be able to stop him or to find the Dragonborn.

  • Benjamin Delgado

    I always liked wearing mirak's armor with the konorick mask and just relying on shouts as my only weapon.

  • ollie baker

    I have a different theory as to why Alduin attacked Helgan During a conversation with Paarthunax he mentions that the Ancient Nords used an Elder Scroll to send him forward in timeI believe when they sent him forward in time they unknowingly and unintentionally sent him to when The Imperials were about to execute the Stormcloaks at HelganWhen he realised that he was sent forward in time by the nords , in a fit of anger attacked Helgan and burnt it to the ground I believe this is the reason why Alduin attacked Helgan.

  • Dogdashdash

    For the first theory, I had my own. Alduin is going around resurrecting "dead" dragons. He knows where they are because I think he can sort of sense their souls (since they're a part of him and all). He sensed your soul, the dragonborns soul, and went to Helgen from the top of the Throat of the World. He just got sent forward in time and arrived basically as the execution was happening. Since you're the closest soul he sensed, he went right to you, hence the "attack". Helgen is RIGHT at the base of the mountain. If you look at a map of burial mounds, Helgen is closer to the top of the mountain than other other mound.Just timing and coincidence, really.

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